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In-store notices guidelines

Fidzup strongly advises its clients to display in­store notices to inform their visitors they are using our services.
These notices inform visitors their smartphones can be detected when the Wifi is turned on and they can get further details on our website and opt-out.

Recommended wording:

Wifi data collection notice

Dear customer,
We use Fidzup's technology to detects Wifi enabled smartphone traffic, in order to enchance our services. Collected data are completely anonymous and does not contain data stored inside your smartphone.
For more information or opt­out please visit fidzup.com/privacy

Recommended placement:

A notice must be visible easily by everyone. It can be placed on a counter, against a wall or on an entrance door.
Should a point of sale contain multiple entrances, Fidzup recommends that a notice be placed at each entrance or on the crossing paths with the most traffic.
Fidzup asks its customers to ensure that all notices are readable by using a large enough font and strong contrasts.