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le smartphone reçoit les infos le smartphone reçoit les infos

How does the detection work?

Fidzup has developed a means of communication between a sonic emitter and a mobile phone. Thus, by diffusing a tone, inaubible to the human ear, inside a building we can detect the presence of mobile phones and therefore their owners.

Your visitors must have the mobile application already installed on their smartphone. This contains a software layer (a SDK supplied by Fidzup) capable of detecting the signals and decoding them.

What kind of sonic emitter can be used?

It is possible to use any audio source to diffuse the signals. In fact, Fidzup has come up with a variety of hardware solutions depending on the user’s requirements.

Our technology integrates with
your application

notre sdk notre émetteur

Installing the SDK into your
mobile application

We supply you with a software layer (SDK) to add to your mobile application. this layer detects and decodes the audio signal. The SDK is supplied with full documentation to help you install it swiftly and easily into your mobile application.

Minimum requirement for the iOS operating system: iOS version 5
Minimum requirement for the Android operating system: Android 2.3.5 (HTC One X not supported)

Deploying our sonic
technology in your building

We supply you with one or several bespoke sonic signals to diffuse in your establishment. Depending on the type of building and the type of usage you require, Fidzup offers a choice of several hardware and software solutions to simplify and optimize the diffusion of its sonic technology.

Depending on the method of emission chosen, a sonic signal can be used to cover a precise zone of a store, the corridors of a shopping mall or even detect a visitor admiring a work of art in an art exhibition.

Create and follow online the content
sent to your visitors

notre sdk

Creating content

We give you secure access to an administrative interface that allows you to devise promotional content that will be displayed on visitors’ smartphones as soon as they are detected in your establishment.

From a discount coupon to a simple information bulletin, take advantage of the numerous pre- configured items in the interface to send the right content at the right time to your visitors.

notre émetteur

Following promotional campaigns

Our administrator’s inferface includes a comprehensive dashboard and accurate statistics that allow you to monitor the performance of your promotional campaigns.

View the impact of your advertising campaigns at a glance and optimize them swiftly.

Sonic emission solutions

player web

the Web Player

The web player allows you to emit the Fidzup sonic signal via your computer.

This solution is ideal for small spaces with no audio system in place.

player web

Standalone emitter unit

This unit allows you to broadcast your sound signal continuously in the manner of a portable and independent speaker enclosure.

This solution is ideal for creating an interactive zone in a specific area of your establishment.

player web

the Mixer emitter unit

The mixer unit, also mains connected, can automatically mix your signal sound with the music played through your audio system.

This solution is ideal for users wishing to cover all areas of their establishment through their own public address system.

player web

custom installation

Your audio system is managed by an external provider?

No problem, Fidzup can work with them to simplify the deployment, as it could then be managed remotely, without any hardware installation in situ.

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