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  • Stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Trade fairs
  • Concerts & museums
  • stadiums
  • Encourage impulsive purchasing off the shelves

    The best way to encourage consumers to buy a product on impulse is to offer them an exclusive promotion when they actually arrive in front of the product. A standalone emitter unit placed in that shelf section allows precise personalized interaction with each client therein.

    Referring clients to the correct shelves where discontinued products are placed.

    How do you effectively promote these products that can be discontinued virtually overnight?

    With the mixer emitter unit, Fidzup is able to diffuse an inaudible sonic signal throughout the store. All users of the brand’s mobile application will then receive a list of exclusive promotions that will direct them towards the concerned items.

    Implementation of the solution

    Fidzup deploys different hardware solutions in each store:

    A mixer emitter unit, which will automatically mix a first sonic signal with the music played throughout the store on the existing audio system. This signal allows the Fidzup technology to detect consumers, regardless of where they may be in the store

    Standalone emitter units, one unit per department, can broadcast their own independant signals specifically for each department, and will create personalized interaction with each person passing through that section.

    Finally, Fidzup provides an SDK for the store management to integrate into their own mobile application.

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    Entertain your visitors and promote the release of the mobile application

    the concept

    Each visit to the mall triggers the arrival of a scratch card game on the visitor’s mobile device. In case of victory, the visitor can win a prize.

    Such mechanisms have numerous advantages:

    - The concept of a scratch card game is entertaining and will give your visitors a reason to download the application
    - The shopping mall’s management demonstrates its ability to innovate and offer animations to its customers.
    - The shopping mall management can follow in real time the true impact of its operation (level of participation, prizes won, etc.).

    Attracting visitors to the various shops and boutiques

    In order to develop its rental space: Lists of promotions are implemented by the various retailers and communicated to the shopping mall'management which then enters them into the system via the aministration interface. These pormotions are then sent to each visitor equipped with mall's mobile application

    Such mechanisms have numerous advantages:

    — The user sees at a glance all the promotions in the mall
    — This allows retailers to participate in the digital innovation taking place in the mall.

    illustration de l'interface d'admin

    Implementation of the technical solution

    Fidzup deploys its mixer transmitter unit, which will automatically mix a sound with music distributed in the corridors of the shopping mall. Thereby, signalling the detection of each consumer regardless of where they may be in the mall.

    Moreover, Fidzup can provide the shopping mall’s management with a SDK to integrate into its own mobile application.

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    Attracting visitors to the privileged stands

    The deployment of the units in the stands allows each exhibition visitor to receive a personalized message when in proximity, set with parameters from the administration interface.

    The advantages:

    — The organizer offers an innovative and easily perceptible offer for its exhibitors. In addition, by offering this option to its customers, the organizer can increase its turnover.
    - Exhibitors benefit from a tool that allows them to capitalize on their participation in the show by attracting more visitors to their stand

    Implementation of the technical solution

    Fidzup deploys several diverse hardware solutions in the space where the show will take place:

    A mixer unit, which will automatically broadcast a sound and mix it with the audio already diffused via the public address system. This unit, will signal the detection of each consumer, regardless of their location in the exhibition space.

    Transmitter units, issued at a rate of one per booth to those who subscribe to the option, will diffuse specific signals for each stand, and will create a personalized interaction with each person passing in proximity to the stand.

    Finally, Fidzup provides the show organizer with a SDK (Software Development Kit) to integrate into its own mobile application.

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    Museums: Creating interaction between a work and its audience

    More and more art exhibitions are equipped with mobile applications designed to enrich the interaction between the works and the visitors.

    The deployment of the sonic emitter units allows each visitor to an exhibition or a museum to automatically receive information of a work or piece just by being close to it.

    Concerts: Digitally manage the interaction between artists and fans

    The sonic technology developed by Fidzup allows full customisation of the content sent out to smartphones present in the artist’s audience, depending on which pieces of music are played. In fact, It is possible for the director to trigger different signals depending on the piece of music played by the artist or at key moments in order to digitally control the interactivity between the artists and their audience. For example, it is possible to send the corresponding clip for the song played, or even send a survey to the crowd to let it choose the next title to be played.

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    A rich, automated and location-based interaction with your audience

    The deployment of a mixer unit allows you to cover your whole stadium with the Fidzup signal*. Communicate with your audience by sending rich and interactive content. AS they are captive, send them location-based special offers, messages and instant !
    * Depending on how your audio system covers your stadium

    A communication channel adapted to your needs:

    — Monetize your mobile audience
    — Attract your audience to your sales premises
    — Create impulse buying
    — Animate your sports meetings with an innovative solution

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