our values

Team Spirit

Developing team cohesion, an essential element that ensures the sustainability of our company. Teamwork and open-mindedness allow us to move forward together towards common goals.


Innovation is a key factor of our success, allowing us to anticipate needs. Our challenge is to bring innovative solutions to our clients that are adapted to their business and their goals.


We are also motivated by sharing good times together, such as seminars, dinners, happy hours, bocce, and soccer games.


Flexibility and responsiveness are two elements which we associate with our success.

Client First

A dedicated and qualified team allows us to further support our customers in their projects. Fidzup is committed to satisfying 100% of its customers.

Our founders


Co-founder & CEO
Fidzup founders Olivier and Anh-Vu met when they were students, and decided to combine their passions for mobile and advertising to create Fidzup in 2011! Today, they are committed to supporting the digital revolution of brands to unlock and stimulate the potential of brick-and-mortar shops.


Co-Founder & COO

Our Investors

Fidzup founders

Romain Vidal

Caphorn Invest
Fidzup founders

Yvan-Michel Ehkirch

Cap Décisif
Fidzup founders

Stéphane Saudo

Turenne Capital
Fidzup founders

Philippe Besnard

Pentagram Media
Fidzup founders

Mathias Monribot

Petit Poucet
Fidzup founders
Fidzup founders
Fidzup founders
Fidzup founders

management team

Fidzup founders
Fidzup founders

Julien Reymond

VP Sales France Julien joined Fidzup in September 2017. He leads the company’s sales teams and is responsible for ensuring revenue growth. He has extensive local and brand marketing experience. He has previously worked at SoLocal Network as the Director of Sales and Development.
Fidzup founders

Nicolas Blanc

VP Engineering Nicolas joined Fidzup in Septembre 2017 to take charge of research and technical development. He spent several years as the Head of Architecture at BlaBlaCar, and recently decided to leverage his local expertise and knowledge of traffic flows with Fidzup.


Chez Fidzup, tu trouveras un « esprit startup » où la bonne ambiance se conjugue avec l’exigence, le tout dans de supers bureaux, au sein d’une équipe jeune, dynamique et ambitieuse.

Chez Fidzup il y a les fans de Fifa et les fans de Zelda, les fans de mode et les fans de code.