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Our technology allows you to combine the power of Wi-Fi and GPS to detect the behavior of mobile users at the point of sale and capitalize on the movements of mobile users outside of the point of sale. We are the only provider to bring you a complete picture of the path taken by your customers and prospects both in the store and outside the store. By reconciling this data, our algorithms allow you to create more precise audience clusters (new customers, customers who are visiting for the first time in 6 months, customers who frequents a competitor’s store, a mobile users who has passed through a car dealership catchment area, etc.) and thus have targeted campaigns.
This data then allows us to better target the broadcast of your local communications and to precisely measure ROI of your investment in store traffic. Learn more >


data in-store


data out-store


data reconciliation

algorithms and machine learning








Fidzup allows you to focus your investment on audiences that have the most value for your brand. Our technology is the only one which allows you to establish profile clusters according to the travel behavior of mobile users in your stores, as well as in your catchment area.
  • Granular in store Departments, floors, cash registers
  • Non-buying visitors
  • Catchment area
  • Recurrence of visits
  • Sociodemographic data Age, gender, SPC
  • Customers of your competitors
  • Applicative appetences
  • Consumption habits


Our predictive algorithms are continuously developing and allow you to launch your advertising campaign and to optimize it in real time with the goal of increasing foot-traffic at your point of sale. Our technology allows our clients a maximum ROI on their advertising investments.


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Fidzup offers a studio of professionals to create your campaign’s visuals.

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